A Word about Aero Skis

Welcome to your source for Aero Ski products. Aero Skis equip your airplane to take full advantage of those winter flying opportunities. Outfitting your airplane with Aero Skis can open up a whole new world of opportunites for flying destinations that were never before possible.

Aero Skis are an all aluminum aircraft ski manufactured by Aero Ski Mfg. Aero offers skis for most every application from our smallest ski the UL600 designed for ultralights all the way to our M3000H designed for larger aircraft with many size options in between. We also offer the popular R2800 retractable wheel ski and the T3000 tail ski.

High Country Aviation, based in Soldotna, Alaska has been an authorized Aero Ski dealer for nearly 20 years. We have a lot of experience with these skis and would love to have the opportunity to answer any of your questions. Please feel free to give us a call so we can help you with your winter ski flying needs!

In an effort to make these skis as affordable as possible we have been authorized by the factory to drop ship anywhere in the US or Canada straight from the factory to your door step. This save a lot on freight. For your convenience we also accept credit cards for those of you that never pass up an opportunity to get more airline miles.

– Shawn Holly

Aero Ski for UltraLight Aircraft

* UltraLight aircraft owners have an opportunity here that many pilots don’t realize. It is just as cold for the snowmobiler in the winter as it is for the pilot, both have to dress properly. * Generally speaking, the lighter

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Aero Ski Model R2800 for Piper PA-18

So you think your Piper PA-18 “Super Cub” is the greatest ski plane ever!! Well, now you can finally get a pair of retractable skis to fully realize the potential of this great airplane. With the R2800 “Retractable” we’ve licked

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Aero Ski Model R2800 for Piper PA-12

Retractable skis have in the past been impractical for many of our finest ski-planes because of their cost, complexity, and weight. With the Model R2800 Aero Ski, you can land on and take off from any suitable area, get to

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Aero Ski Model R2800 for Maule

When all the little planes go out to play in the snow, you no longer have to leave your big Maule at home. Aero Ski Mfg. now has STC’d installations for both retractable and wheel replacement skis for almost every

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Aero Ski for Homebuilts

The particular model shown above is the Model H1250. * Here is an all metal ski made by a company who’s sole business is aircraft skis. * Homebuilt owners treasure their aircraft just as certified aircraft owners do, so why

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Aero Ski Model R2800 for Citabria

Aero Ski now has an STC’d installation for the Steel Gear Champion (Bellanca) models. Included in that package are detail improvements to the basic aircraft. Heavy duty ski axles increase strength at this point and a special bar assembly replaces

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Aero Ski Model R2800 for Champ

The “Champ” 7 Series aircraft have long been really great skiplanes but the low gross weight limit as a result of the aerobatic category (many models) has seriously limited the type of ski installations possible. The new Aero Ski R2800’s

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Aero Straight Skis

* Here is an all metal aircraft ski designed and built by pilots with aviation background almost as long as the history of American flying. * The ski has bottom curvature running along both its length and across its width.

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