Aero Ski for Homebuilts

The particular model shown above is the Model H1250.

* Here is an all metal ski made by a company who’s sole business is aircraft skis.
* Homebuilt owners treasure their aircraft just as certified aircraft owners do, so why risk the aircraft on questionable products or accept poor ski performance? Your homebuilt deserves skis that look and perform just like traditional skis.
* These skis are made to the exact same standards and test requirements as the Aero Ski Certified line.
* Dolly holes are designed in to move the aircraft from the hangar, etc.
* Plastic bottoms are an available option.
* Rigging Hardware Package available to install skis on most aircraft.


Model: H1250
Width: 8″, 10″, 12″
Length: 65″, 66″, 67″
Weight: 12-14 Lbs.
ACFT Gross: 1250 Lbs.

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