Aero Ski Model R2800 for Citabria

Aero Ski now has an STC’d installation for the Steel Gear Champion (Bellanca) models. Included in that package are detail improvements to the basic aircraft. Heavy duty ski axles increase strength at this point and a special bar assembly replaces the landing gear U-Bolt.
This Aero Ski R2800 installation is the first successful retractable installation for Champs and allows their owners the fun and utility that these great airplanes offer.

Unlike wheel penetration skis which do half the job, the R2800 locks down when needed for take-off in the “really tough conditions.”
* Snow landings can be done withs skis up or down.
* Landing on a hard surface is done with simple, efficient cable releases to raise skis in flight.
* All mechanical action – no hydraulic system to install or maintain.
* Lighter than other retractables.
* Plastic bottoms reduce drag and minimize freeze down.
* Skis maintain proper flight level attitude in either position.
* Can be installed in less time than other retractable systems.


Model: R2800
Width: 18″
Length: 71″
Weight: 42 Lbs. Ea.
Ski Gross LTD: To 2800 Lbs.
Installed WT: 106 Lbs.

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