Aero Ski Model R2800 for Maule

When all the little planes go out to play in the snow, you no longer have to leave your big Maule at home. Aero Ski Mfg. now has STC’d installations for both retractable and wheel replacement skis for almost every Maule Aircraft. Do the Maules perform in the snow?? Well, if you bet against one of them — Don’t bet much!!!

* Snow landings can be done with the skis up or down, but since hard surface landings are done with skis up, retraction can be accomplished while flying with simple, efficient cable releases. (All mechanical, no hydraulic system to install or maintain each fall and spring.)
* Lighter than other retractable concepts because of the simplicity.
* Plastic bottoms to reduce drag on warm snow and minimize freeze down.
* Skis maintain the proper flight level attitude in either the ski up or ski down position.
* Two mounting positions built in. In the bottom mounting holes, the wheels are completely retracted – or if the top mounting holes are selected, there is just enough wheel protruding to eliminate the serious damage caused when accidentally landing with skis down on asphalt.


Model: R2800
Width: 18″
Length: 71″
Weight: 42 Lbs. Ea.
Aircraft Gross IMT: To 2500 Lbs.
Installed WT: 103 Lbs.

High Country Aviation

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