Aero Straight Skis

* Here is an all metal aircraft ski designed and built by pilots with aviation background almost as long as the history of American flying.

* The ski has bottom curvature running along both its length and across its width. This precision engineered running surface produces the smoothest performance ever achieved on snow. We mean all types of snow, ranging from soft, fluffy powder through hard crusted surface; heavy, melting, granular snow and plain ice.

* The ski’s superstructure is a masterwork of clean flowing lines and extraordinary strength. Its mounting facility is ultra simple, yet totally blended into the rugged beauty of the overall ski.

* Skis are fitted with an extra stub axle sleeve for dollies to ease hangar handling. The Aero Skis are intended for either the right or the left gear in order to compensate for bottomwear.

* Plastic bottoms are available to minimize drag on snow and increase bottom life.

High Country Aviation

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